August 27, 2007

Ingrid at Sunset on the Tantramar

Digital original
The last session of a wonderful weekend of photography was spent on the Tantramar Marshes that form the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; I'd never worked in this space before, and didn't even know the best way to find a good place to photograph, so it was just by sheer luck that we discovered a wonderful isolated area in which to work.
Digital infrared original
As a sunset session, Ingrid and I had the pleasure of working with low, angular light - and in the above case, even make some images with Ingrid set against the sky. In colour, this image would have been incredibly harsh, but the luminous shadows in infrared worked well to balance Ingrid's figure with the surrounding grass, beach and sky.
Digital original, 7 frame stitch and focus blend
It is now 5 years since my first experiment with digital photography, and to be candid, I can't think of a single reason to prefer film over digital. For images like the one above, I would have never made such a strong translation of the scene into a photograph if I was working with film; it is true that a view camera would have added much to the image (increasing the depth of field significantly though the use of lens tilt, specifically), but as colour was something I almost never worked with, I suspect the results would have looked closer to the images of R_ at the coast, as opposed to the warm, welcoming feel of the above image.
Digital original
The most magical  part of this session was after the sun set, a full moon rose; we'd just begun packing up when I saw the round globe rising slowly in the east. I quickly asked Ingrid if she was up for one more image set and we reversed position - and the above was made. A wonderful end to a fabulous weekend of photography.

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