June 27, 2018

20 Years of Working with Ingrid Part 1 (Taylor Head, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Ingrid and I planned this session weeks ago, to mark 20 years of working together. Since our first time working together, I've transitioned from film to digital, helped found Halifax's only photographic-focused co-operative gallery, and made over 150,000 photographs. Since our first session, Ingrid and I have worked together for over 150 session, in Canada, Scotland and Ireland; I have over 6,400 images of Ingrid, which is almost 50% more than I have of the next most frequent mode, Miranda. Without a doubt, Ingrid has done more to shape my work with the Nude than any other singe person.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame shutter blend
With all that in mind, we'd planned an afternoon/evening of photography, spending the time focused on what we do best together - making images of the Nude. For the session, I decided to head to a location that Ingrid hasn't worked in before - Taylor Head. I first worked here with Cassandra in 2001, and have returned only a couple of times since (With Andre in 2008 and Bianca in 014), so while I was familiar with it, I was sure it would would provide her with plenty of inspiration.
Digital infrared original

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