June 24, 2018

A Photo 101 Field Trip (Fort George (The Citadel), Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Course field trips are often a time when I focus on simple compositions, than really effective photography; the primary focus is working with participants, with my own photography coming a distant second. That being said, I often get the chance to make pleasing images.
Digital original
The above image was born of a discussion on depth of field, and how it can be used creatively; in addition, I slipped in some elements of careful composition, and why it isn't necessary to show everything in a photograph (the steering wheel, in this case).
Digital original
The final image (above) was more about my life-long love of 19th century military architecture than anything else. It was an example of why tripods were invaluable for certain subjects, but in the end, the photograph was for me, not the student.

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