June 29, 2012

Scotland XVIII - The Drive home (Lewis and Harris, Scotland)

Digital original
I spent a good fifteen minutes photographing this abandoned croft below Aird Leimhe, on the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides. I would have enjoyed photographing inside it too...except it was full of a good number of dead sheep...rotting.
Digital orignial
During the drive home across Lewis and Harris, I continually stopped (when possible) to photograph; the afternoon weather rapidly changed from bright and sunny on moment to overcast and moody the next. In this case, just as I was photographing this view north over Harrier, the sun came out and warmed up the distant hill side.
Digital original
Just as I turned onto the peninsula upon which I was staying, I caught a glimpse of this multi-layered landscape. The four layers of mountains were captivating, and forced me to pull over and back track on foot to find the perfect place to make the image from.

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