June 10, 2012

Exposed in the ?? (Clam Harbour, Nova Scotia)

The "Exposed in the ???" was losely based on the Naked in the House event, which has been held semi regularly in Toronto (I particiapted in 2005's Naked in the House 5). The basic concept was that 10 photographers each had 15 minutes with a figure model in a undisclosed location; within that fifteen minutes, the photographers had to make as strong an image as possible.
Digital infrared original
The location was an historical village outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and while the date was June, it was a chilly wet day that was not at all conclusive to modeling Nude. Fortunately, we also had access to any of the buildings, so after a brief introduction to the model (who had warmed up in a dedicated building after the previous photographer), I selected my location and set to work. There wasn't much that called out to me in any of the structures I looked at, until I saw the engine in this building. Could you pose on that, I asked W_. Sure she said, and minutes later, was.
Digital original
The second striking image of the brief session (in most instances, fifteen minutes into a photo session is usually when the first image starts to come together...in this case, fifteen minutes is all I had to work with, in total) was actually more of a "snapshot". After we finished with the first set of images (four or five versions of poses on the engine) W_ huddled in her sweater as I set up for the next composition. I caught a glimpse of the window light on her back, and immediately asked her to not move, so I could make an image.
Digital original, 3 frame stitch
The final pose of the 15 minutes I had to work was a portrait, working with the soft directional light coming through the shed door. If I'd had a reflector with me (duh) I would have put more light into the shadows, but as it is, with careful post production, I was able to boost the shadow values enough to keep the result from being overly contrasty.

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