June 23, 2012

Scotland XI (Elgol to Neist Point, Skye, Scotland)

Digital original

On the last full day of the photo tour of Skye, I took the participants down to the beach in the morning, to continue exploring the possibilities. After a long discussion about tilt-shift lenses, I made this to demonstrate their potential, extending the depth of field from the seaweed covered rock in front of me to the horizon at f/16 (when I had no tilt on the lens, the depth of field ran out before the stones of the beach met the ocean.
Digital infrared, 2 frame stitch
I photographed Dun Beag Broch in 2008, both as a ruin, and as an environment in which to set the Nude, when I worked with R_. On this visit, the sky was just fabulous, making infrared the obvious camera of choice.
Digital original, 2 frame exposure blend, 2 frame stitch
The last photographs of the day were made on the western-most point on Skye, The lighthouse at Neist Point, built in 1090, is beautifully situated, and viewable from a high cliff on the shore.

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