September 16, 2007

Nadine's Second Session at Papermill River

Digital infrared original, 18 frame stitch
The day after an indoor session to test the waters, Nadine and I set off to work outdoors; as it was mid September, I opted to head to a woodland space, hoping to work with infrared and the magical luminosity it gives to foliage. After spending more than an hour the previous night posing indoors, Nadine jumped in with two feet, and minutes after we'd arrived, had climbed a tree and found a pose that integrated her figure with the landscape well.
Digital infrared original
A second set of photographs we made was with Nadine lying in a bed of ferns; the beauty of infrared really shone here, with Nadine's already pale skin made even more luminous by the soft evening light in the forest, almost matching the ghostly white of the ferns around her.
Digital infrared original, 3 frame shutter speed blend
This is one of the strongest water images I have made in years. The location was one I’d driven pased many times by car, and always wondered about. It turned out to be almost perfect - shallow, swift moving, and easy to get to. Nadine’s idea of arching back with her hands together pulled an already strong image into a beautiful blend of body and location.

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