September 07, 2007

Lymari upon the Glacial Barrens

While Lymari and I have worked together over the last couple of years, this was the first time we'd headed out to one of my favorite places to the photograph - the glacial barrens that run along the coast to the south of Halifax.
Digital infrared original

The walk out to the shore is littered with glacial erratics, which has in turn created a bizarre landscape of low scrubby brush with dramatic rocks emerging from the greenery. In infrared, this is a little less stark (with the lush foliage becoming lighter, and closer in tone to the granite rock; in this case, however, the western fact of the rock by Lymari was dark with lichen, creating some contrast with the body above it, and the landscape that surrounds it.
Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch
The bleached granite rocks that abound in Nova Scotia are one of my favorite settings to work with; in this case, the luminous quality that the infrared camera gives to the rock just adds to the magic of the setting.
Digital infrared original
I was really quite excited when I made the above image; I've been working with ultra-wide lenses for about a decade now, and really love how they can add dimension to an image; in this case however, the complexity of the space was really used well with the extreme wide lens. The rock pool in the background, and the deep shadowy crevasse directly below Lymari's head provide a perfect frame for her sun drenched figure.

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