September 26, 2007

Ingrid in a River (Papermill River, Nova Scotia)

I'd first worked in this location a week or so earlier with Nadine, and as I was so pleased with the results that I was keen to return - and Ingrid being always up for working with water was the idea model to bring to the location.
Digital original, 8 frame stitch

We began with some dry poses, working above or beside the river, with mixed success - the challenge is the disconnect between the figure and the water - the element that makes such lovely images when the body is directly interacting with the water is totally missing when the two are separate.
Digital original, 24 frame stitch
As soon as Ingrid moved into the water, the session started taking off; the light was challenging, with dappled sunlight coming through the trees, and creating bright highlights on the river, but even with that, the photographs we made were really pleasing, in contrast to the challenge we had when working with Ingrid out of the river itself.
Digital infrared original
Somewhat surprising (given it was so successful with Nadine) I didn't make a lot of infrared photographs during this session - I suspect it was because I spent so much time trying to address the challenging lighting that the I just plain forgot most of the time to make the infrared versions of poses.

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