September 15, 2007

Nadine's First Session

Digital infrared original
Nadine contacted me, and let me know she'd followed my work for years, and finally had decided to approach me about working together. Though she lived in Moncton (where I had lived form 2003 to 2006), Nadine was expecting to be in Halifax soon, and wanted to know if we could meet up, and if all worked out well, work together.
Digital infrared original
There was nothing but positive connections when we first me, and that night, Nadine and I made our first images together. Using studio lighting, I made a variety of images, starting with some portraits, but quickly moving to Nadine posing on a mirror, returning to a theme I'd first discovered in 1999.
Digital infrared original
For a model's first session, this evening went really well; though Nadine had not modeled nude before, her familiarity with my work, and personal interest in the images and the process really showed, and helped us make some really strong photographs.

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