September 09, 2007

Brittany Model at the Coast

Digital infrared original
Though Brittany's first session was indoors, her real interest in working with me was in modeling outdoors, so on a beautiful sunny day in early September, she and I headed to the coast. Direct sunlight is not my favorite kind of light, but when a model is available, I'd rather make images than wait for better light, when the model might no longer be around.
Digital infrared original, 13 frame stitch
The vast majority of the session was spent working on the tide line, taking advantage of how bright and delicate the seaweed looks when photographed in infrared. The hard shadows of the sunlight was challenging to work around, but with careful attention to posing and camera angle, we managed to make a number of photographs that really shone.
Digital infrared original
Shortly before we ended the session, Brittany and I walked inland a little, seeking out a setting in which would work well for portraits. Fortune shone on us as we found a grass-filled clearing which provided both some rich reflected light, and a nice foreground and background to set a portrait within.

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