September 23, 2007

Lavender's First Session

When Lavender contacted me about working together, we both admitted that it would be challenging to get in more than a couple of sessions before the fall turned too cold to work outdoors. Luck was with us however, as the first date we both had free turned out to be sunny and warm. We headed to the coast, looking for sun drenched rocks and rich environments to work in.
Digital original

The first set of images we created worked with the sea of seaweed present due to low tide. I used a long lens to restrict the background to just the ocean, and was really pleased with the results. If it was 2 months earlier, Lavender might have been able to work within the water itself, but in late September, that was not an option.
Digital infrared original
Almost all of the rest of the session was spent exploring the blend of the body and stone; there is a really nice contrast when skin is placed on granite, and when infrared photography is added, Lavender's luminous smooth skin was a perfect counterpoint to the rough textured rock below her.
Digital infrared original
The final set of images were made with a lower viewpoint, setting Lavender's body against the sky. The angle I photographed from was important in this case, as the shadows from the harsh sunlight had to be considered, and placed so they would be pleasing, as opposed to frustrating.

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