August 26, 2007

Morning Light with Miranda and Ingrid

After a relaxing breakfast with Ingrid, Miranda and Jesse (who had driven down from Moncton for the day), we headed out into the fields that surround the house at Shenstone. The morning light was horribly harsh, and my first inclination was to head to shade, but on a whim, I decided to check how the contrast looked with the infrared camera...and it was surprisingly low, so after asking the women to move into the field, we began making a series of portraits.
Digital original infrared
I don’t think I have a better portrait of these two fabulous women, though I have worked with Ingrid and Miranda for more than sixteen years, combined. The key of course is how well the two know each other; their pre-existing comfort and rapport is totally evident in the image
Digital original, 9 frame stitch

Just as I finished the portraits in the grass, some clouds began to roll in, providing some relief from the hard sunlight. The three models and I moved over to an old farming cart, and over fifteen minutes, we moved through a whole variety of poses, each of which could be combined with the others, through the stitching process. The above photograph combined the best poses of each model.
Digital infrared original, 3 frame stitch
As we worked with the cart, the light kept changing back and forth between sun and shade; each time the sun came out (when it looked to be out for some time) I switched to the infrared camera, and continued to photograph. My favorite of theses images is the above photo of Miranda arched out on the old cart.

This image was featured in the 2014 exhibition Evolving Beauty Miranda.

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