August 19, 2007

Christine Models in a River

This was a near perfect day for photographs; lovely and warm, with high cloud and bright, but not harsh, light. Christine and I headed for my favorite river, to see what images could be made
Digital original, 13 frame stitch
The sweep of dark water around Christine helps focus this image upon the flow of her body - the line where it enters the water, coupled with the reflection below her breast are the only hints that the water is present around her.
Digital infrared original, 4 frame stitch
I frequently work between colour and infrared cameras, especially when working with water. There is a real beauty to how infrared records skin, and when that is combined with the deep blacks that it provides when working with water, the results can be really striking.
Digital infrared original, 18 frame stitch
Like the most perfect dream of a summer’s afternoon. This image was made after Christine had dried off, and we were making some Nudes in the woodland around the river. I caught a glimpse of the overhanging trees above a bed of moss, and instantly asked Christine if she'd try to find a pose that worked in the space; moments later, I started making this image.

I remember clearly asking in Art College why we always made square or rectangular images…my instructor said “because you never think to make circular ones”.

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