August 29, 2007

L_ and I spend an Afternoon at Prospect

Digital infrared original, 23 frame stitch
Direct mid-day summer sun is one of the most challenging situations to work in, photographically. The light is unforgiving, revealing surface flaws readily, and there are only a few poses and settings which really benefit from it. Fortunately, L_ and I have worked together enough that we're both willing to put the effort in to make the best of a difficult situation.
Digital infrared original
The vast majority of the images work with L_'s figure orientated towards the light; in the case above, I liked playing with the layers of granite to create depth in an image with little sense of scale.
Digital infrared original
I think this is one of the most magical portraits I have ever made of L_ ; after an hour or so of focusing on the body in landscape, I shifted to focusing on portrait. We'd found a rock shelf that cast just enough shadow for L_ to pose in, and just then, the wind came up, and tousled her hair in the most delightful way.

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