August 08, 2007

Another First Session!

Digital infrared original
The summer of 2007 has been slower than anticipated, in regards to creating new images, between the weather, work and scarcity of models. This being said, three days before this session I received a phone call from a woman who’d come across my work online (and happened to have gone to school with me, though we didn't know each other then), and wished to model. Less than 72 hours later, we headed to the coast for a four hour session, and got some great results!
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
 I couldn't have asked for a better day for this session; we arrived at the coast late in the afternoon, and the sky was a sweeping drama of wispy clouds and deep blue - the perfect sky for infrared photography. Mia was more than willing to work in the water-pools near the ocean, and helped me make a really striking photograph.

This image was included in the 2008 exhibition Memory of Water. A short video of the post-production of this image is online here
Digital original, 4 frame exposure blend, two frame stitch
The end of the session demonstrated why I love working in this setting so much - it is one of the few beaches on this side of Nova Scotia which permits a sunset to be photographed over water. A long shutter speed was used to soften the water, while a multi-frame stitch was used to balance the massive rock Mia was posing on against the water and sky behind her.

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