July 29, 2021

On the Northumberland Shore (4/4)

The final location for the day was along the Northumberland Straight, looking towards the sunset. Jessica had found the most amazing water-carved outcrop of rock to work upon - a space I could spend a month of Sundays working on, without running out of locations to work in.

Digital infrared original

When we first arrived, the evening light was harsh and direct, making it challenging to work, as in addition to refining the pose, I had to take into account the light as well, with several otherwise successful compositions being abandoned due to problems with the lighting. Eventually, however, we manged to make a number of really pleasing photographs which took full advantage of the dramatic light.

Digital infrared original

As the evening progressed whoever, clouds gathered, and the light became more delicate; this provided the perfect light to explore the wonderful water-carved rocks, and Jessica and I took full advantage of it. In the space of thirty minutes, we moved across the rock, and made half-a-dozen compositions, of which the above is one of my favorites.

Digital infrared original

In the middle of our rock explorations, Jessica invited her partner Thomas to join hee in a pose, and we created the above composition. This takes full advantage of my infrared camera, providing luminous, smooth skin tones, and inky black shadows around the two entwined figures. My only regret was not asking Thomas to remove his glasses...something I would retouch out in a finished print!

Digital original

The last light of the day saw Jessica slipping into the ocean, and posing along side the rock we had explored for the previous 90 minutes. The sunset was delicate and soft, with subtle colour, and little drama, so I directed Jessica into a rather static pose, lying back directly on the stone, and mirroring the simple outline of the rock above her, and paying attention to the water surrounding her.

Over the 9 hours Jessica and I spent together, we worked in 4 locations, and made a wide range of images (and took some breaks, and even ate some schnitzel!). I am truly amazed at the richness we created, and look forward to returning, to continue building on this work!

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