July 27, 2021

A Studio Pregnancy Session

As Stephanie's due date moves closer, each and every session we manage to schedule becomes a gift, so with this in mind, when I realized I had this evening free, I asked her is she'd like to do a studio session, to add to the work we'd already done outdoors (here and here) - and less than a day later, we were in the studio, making photos.

Digital infrared original

I have a real affection for dramatic rim lighting, and have used this in almost every pregnancy session I have done (since 1989) - essentially, if you find something that works, use it. For this session, the space I was working in wasn't a studio, so it was more challenging to get the lighting the way I wanted it, but with some experimentation, black foam board and duct tape, I got everything to work.

Digital infrared original
All in all, the session was short and sweet; I had all the lighting set up and worked out by the time Stephanie arrived, so could just straight in to making images. I already knew pretty clearly what I wished to achieve in the studio, so it was a very focused session (where often I have no preconceived ideas at the start of a photo session).
Digital infrared original
The last photos of the session brought in Stephanie's partner, to contribute hands to the images  - always a great way to end off a pregnancy session!

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