July 29, 2021

On the Northumberland Shore (1/4)

I learned long ago (in 1999 with Victoria, in Alberta), there there is an incredible richness to spending concentrated periods making images. In light of this, when Jessica (who I began working with last year) suggested I come visit, and we work together for most of a day (afternoon to sunset), I was more than keen.

Digital infrared original

As the session approached, Jessica sent me images of suggested locations, but one thing noticeably absent was architecture (which was not too much of a surprise, as she lives in the country), so I asked her if she might be able to find a barn or other sort of structure to work in...and in less than a day, she came back with news that she'd found a large barn to work in - and the photos she sent show significant promise.

Digital infrared original
For the start of the session, the focus was on a ladder, with us making images of Jessica on it, and in the above image, beside it. I really liked working with the geometric lines of the barn - all of which were blended with an organic element injected by the material (wood) and time. The light was lovely too, turning the bright and sunny afternoon into soft, even light.
Digital infrared original
As the session progressed, Jessica became more adventurous, and moved to exploring more dynamic poses, which interacted with the space. We were super cautious with the space, keeping eyes out for nails and other sharp edges, all the while testing beams and planks before Jessica moved onto them
Digital infrared original
As we began to run out of inspiration, we finished up with a number of reclining poses, with Jessica working her way under and over some fence-posts on the second floor of the barn. The chaos of the space contrasts nicely with the fluid grace of Jessica's body, providing a rich result to end the session on.

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