July 29, 2021

On the Northumberland Shore (2/4)

Digital infrared original
The second setting that Jessica had found for us to work in was just magical - it was a dramatic waterfall just off the road...which sadly had no water in it. The summer has been so dry to date that barely a trickle of water was flowing down the cliff, but regardless, the space was fabulous - near vertical cliffs of rocks on two levels, perfect to pose against, or on.
Digital infrared original

We started the session with Jessica posing on the lower vertical wall of the falls - here there was dark green moss, and plenty of rock shelves to pose upon. I had thought the moss would become luminous on the infrared camera, but it remained dark, which provided a wonderful contrast to Jessica's luminous
skin, and the couple of ferns and other leafy plants that grew in the area.

Digital infrared original

Overall, impressive as the space was, it was challenging work with - the sheer scale of the upper rock face overwhelmed the space, and required a really wide lens to record - which risked distorting Jessica's figure. Once Jessica shifted to working on the second layer of the waterfall, things really came together; I suggested she pose along the front edge of the rock shelf, which allowed me to make a composition that took in the full height of the waterfall origin above her, while still keeping the focus of the photograph on her.

Digital infrared original, 4 image stitch
The final images at the waterfall focused not on the rocky space around the not-so-wet waterfall, but on the roots of a tree to the side of the main (now dry) stream - the twisting lines of the roots were a beautiful parallel to the lines of Jessica's figure, and the soft diffused light, provided by the forest canopy above, provides perfect contrast!

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