July 29, 2021

On the Northumberland Shore (3/4)

Digital infrared original
The third location Jessica had proposed for the day was a broad field, high on a hill, overlooking the Northumberland Straight. Open fields really don't exist around Halifax, where I live, so the chance to work with one was quite exciting - but also brought with it one concern - ticks. In years past, I have worked extensively in forests, but over the past decade, as ticks, and more specifically, tick born diseases such as Lyme Disease have become more prevalent, I have mostly avoided the locations ticks prefer - fields and forests.
Digital infrared original
That being said, with assurances from Jessica and her partner that they had no ticks after their previous visits, I decided to risk it, in return for the chance to work in such a lovely setting. We arrived in the later afternoon, and the sun was low enough in the sky to provide some lovely light - and the infrared response to the grasses provided a lovely setting for Jessica to pose in.
Digital infrared original

All told, the visit to the field was short - both because of the posing challenges (it was, after all, just an empty field, which made it a little challenging to work with), and the march of time. With one location still to work in, after making what I was certain was some striking photographs, we headed back down, in preparation to move to our last setting.

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