August 18, 2008

Andree at the Coast

Digital infrared original
While Andree and I had driven for over an hour to get to this beach, the first set of images were actually made in the grasses and foliage beside the path to the beach - in infrared the images became luminous and delicate, with Andree surrounded by a filigree of white foliage.
Digital infrared original
My first time working in this area was with Cassandra, in 2001; at that time we never actually made it to the beach, being distracted by the lovely rocks on the other side of the peninsula. Once Andree and I made it to the beach, the session really took off; the rocks on the beach were just lovely to work with, and Andree had no problem finding poses that worked with the setting.
Digital original
It was quite challenging for Andree to stay still while the waves broke over her - it took a good half-dozen tries before I was certain we had one where here face and body was still.

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