July 14, 2016

Ireland Photography Complete

This past weekend Ingrid and I arrived back in Halifax, Nova Scotia after two intense weeks of working together in the Republic of Ireland creating the images for the Ingrid, the Ireland Portfolio.

The trip was a great success, in spite of some challenging weather, narrow Irish roads, and the seductive nature of cod & chips (for me) and actual Guinness on tap (for others).

In twelve days of photography, Ingrid and I worked together in over thirty locations, and though it is early in the culling and processing stage, I already know we have made some of the strongest fine art nudesI have made in years!
During the project, I created a little over 10,000 images (about 2/3 colour and 1/3 infrared), utilizing over 640gb of hard-drive space. In addition to 8,800 images of Ingrid, this count includes around 40gb of video files, and around 2,200 images of miscellany (urbanscapes and landscapes for the most part, but who can resist photographing wild horses, and four super-cute kittens?). After culling, I suspect the number of finished images will be around 1000-2000, but that is just a rough guess.
With our return to Canada, the Second Stage of the Ingrid, the Ireland Portfolio (making the images) is complete, and the Third Stage begins (first culling, then editing the photographs, posting the Photo Diaries, and ultimately, selecting and printing the final twelve portfolio images). I have already copied the images from the travel drive onto my desktop computer's Drobo drive, and have added them to my Work in Progress Lightroom catalogue, where I will process with the culling and processing process.
Initially, however, the vast majority of my work is being done on an iPad Pro; the Lightroom Mobile app makes the culling of 50mp images MUCH faster than the same process in a Lightroom catalogue; this is because Lightroom Mobile creates renders a smart preview of the raw photos in the Lightroom Catalogue and syncs that smart preview to iPad. Smart previews are smaller versions of the original raw file that retain all the flexibility of a raw file at a fraction of the size.  Using this approach, I have already culled over 2,500 images in a couple of days!
The below map shows the majority of the sites Ingrid and worked in (some images have not been GPS tagged yet, so some locations are not represented on the map). 
 All documentary photos by Angela Creaser

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