July 09, 2016

Ireland XXXIV (Dublin, Ireland)

The last full day in Ireland was spent driving back to Dublin (a leisurely 3 hours, not counting time for lunch), then exploring an Irish museum (all Irish National Museums are free, which is both awesome, and incredibly civilized), returning the rental car, and finally, walking around Dublin at night.
The bulk of our afternoon was spent in the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History, which is located in an old English military barracks. It was huge, and very interesting to walk around and enjoy as a tourist.
As part of the exploration of the museum, I couldn't resist taking photograph of this stair well - less a tourist image, and more a continuation of my love affair with stairs!After a fabulous final meal in Dublin (yum, cod and chips in a pub), we took a leisurely walk through the city and back across the River Liffey (which happens to have a tributary called the River Poddle!). We caught the bus to our hotel, had the very interesting experience of riding a bus through the hordes of people coming out of a Beyonce concert, and then caught one last sleep in Dublin, before our flight back to Canada!

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