July 04, 2016

Ireland XXV - Corcogemore Mountain

The last session of the day was a return to working with landscape; the weather had steadily improved all day, and by late afternoon, the sky was clearing, and Ingrid and I were looking for a final place to photograph. As we were driving, I caught sight of a small stream zigzagging down the foothills of a mountain. Just second later, a perfect parking spot presented itself, and minutes later, Ingrid and I were slowly making our way uphill, seeking a good space to work with the water.
In many ways, it is water that I most associate with Ingrid's modelling; she has an incredibly affinity for it, and many of our strongest images had been made in it. In Ireland however, with the cool weather, she and I have yet to make any images with water playing a major role. Even with this location, the plan was to only work with Ingrid actually in the water as a final pose option, and even that was only a possibility. All that being said, shortly into the session, we found a lovely section of the stream with a perfect rock at the top - a perfect place for Ingrid to pose upon.
Further up the river, just as Ingrid and I were working with a section of water that seemed to be surrounded by grass, the evening sun burst through the clouds, and bathed the scene in beautiful angular sunshine. I had to scramble to change the scene exposure, but the final result, with a surreal feel t the "river to nowhere" is really pleasing.
With the surprising arrival of the evening sunlight, Ingrid and I ran up to the top of the foothill, hoping to work with the sunlight and the high grasses...however just as we arrived at the top of the hill, the light began to fade, and we only made a handful of photographs with the sunlight, before the entire hillside was back in shadow. A lot of effort for a couple of photographs. With a clear view of the approaching sky, it was clear that the fleeting sunlight wouldn't return, so Ingrid and I returned to the river below, for a final set of images with the water.
Though we'd talked about closing the session with a full-immersion pose, with coming sunset, the air was cooling off, and Ingrid wisely agreed that perhaps something a little less "wet" would work just as well. I struggled to find a way to include the sky in the frame, and ended up using the line of the stream towards the middle of the frame, and the mountain heading towards the corner to pull the composition together.

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