July 08, 2016

Ireland XXXII (Meggagh Tomb, Ireland)

After finishing up at Faher North, Ingrid and I headed towards the coast, to the shoreline near Black Head, at the very western edge of the Burren. On the way however, we passed an unmarked tomb in a field by the road. We'd passed this two days earlier, but didn't have the time (or the weather) to permit a stop. Today was different however...and after carefully parking the car slightly off the narrow country road, Ingrid and I clambered into the field.
The land around the tomb was well cleared, with more sign of bovine activity than man, but the tomb was still impressive, overlooking a shallow valley below, and the hills rolling to the west. After a careful pause to listen for approaching cars, Ingrid quickly disrobed, and moved through a couple of poses before, and then upon, the ancient monument.
At just under 2 minutes, this has to hold the record for the shortest session Ingrid and I have had, but with easy visibility of the tomb from the distant road (not to mention all the surrounding fields), both Ingrid and I felt it wise to keep the session short and sweet...so after making a couple of dozen hand-held images of a full set of poses, Ingrid donned her clothes, and returned to the car and resumed our drive to Black Head, and our final location for the project.

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