July 01, 2016

Ireland XIV (Kilkenny, Ireland)

After we finished exploring Kells Priory, we headed north to Kilkenny to eat dinner, and give Ingrid some time to warm up before our final session of the day.
Our first destination  was the Kilkenny Design Centre, where Angie and I had previously visited in 2014. Ingrid had wanted to shop for souvenirs, and this was one of the best places I knew of.
Our exploration of the town was interrupted by a sudden rain-shower...we took shelter, and only moments later, emerged to find everything shiny and wet.
After dinner, we walked through the town, back towards the car - the contrast between the late afternoon and early evening was shocking, in term of how few people were out and about - it went from a bustling tourist hub, to a quiet Irish town in the matter or an hour or two!
One of the most incredible sights of the trip so far occurred while we were driving away fro Kilkenny - a beautiful, bright rainbow filled the sky, with such deep, pure colours I can honestly say it felt like I had never seen a rainbow before. After several minutes, we were able to pull over, and I made some images of the sight - though by that time, some of the intensity of the colours had faded.

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