July 15, 2015

Upon a Foggy Evening (Long Beach, Nova Scotia)

This session was my first working with K_ on her own; she'd first posed in the fall of 2013, but that session, and each time she modeled since, was with her friend Jenn. There are definite advantages to working with multiple models; it permits each model some downtime while I work with the other, and opens up the opportunity to make images with two figures, as opposed to just one, but at the same time, there are distinct advantages to working one-on-one, the greatest of which is establishing a rhythm to work the work.
Digital original, two frame stitch

After many days of harsh sunlight, it was a pleasure to have a chance to work with soft light - and even more pleasing when we arrived at the coast to find it was overlaid with fog; I've only worked with the Nude in fog a handful of times, but each time has marveled at the quality of the light.
Digital original, two frame resolution stack
The portion of the beach K_ and I worked upon was scattered with long-bleached tree stumps and standing remains of trees; these provided a wealth of spaces for K_ to pose, and occupied the majority of the session. There is a real pleasure to working with a confident model, in a location rich in potential, with perfect light and no concern about time or pace
Digital original, 2 frame stitch

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