July 08, 2015

Ingrid and Evening Light (Polly Cove, Nova Scotia)

After Ingrid and I finished working at the river, we began the drive back to Halifax. With some time and light still left however, we decided to take a slower route, and take a bit of time to work with the evening light on the glacial barrens.

The first setting that caught our eye a massive glacial erratic, sitting isolated below a side-lit evening sky. Seeing the sky, I immediately planned to work in infrared, using a super wide angle lens to add some drama. As the evening sun was soft and angular, I asked Ingrid to lean back against the rock, and found the best composition to blend the drama of the rock with the lovely sky above.
Digital infrared original, 3 frame stitch
After we finished working with Ingrid at the base of the erratic, she clambered up on it, and I made a series of photographs with the line of her body on the rock edge, set against the sky. Again, the infrared camera was the ideal took, adding more drama to the rock, and adding some drama to an already pleasing sky (in colour, the sky was quite delicate, where in infrared, it had significantly more kick).
Digital infrared original
The final photographs of the day were made working directly on the bedrock; after working for most of the session with infrared, I decided to work in colour, and see what I could do with the soft evening sunlight.
Digital original
Using a wide angle lens permitted me to keep the focus on Ingrid’s figure, while still including an erratic rock in the background, and showing much of the landscape around her. The colour is really pleasing in the image, making me glad I shifted to working that way for the end of the session.

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