July 17, 2015

St Paul's Church (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, three image exposure blend
I spent this morning working with a one-on-one client in St Paul's Church, in downtown Halifax; the oldest building in the city, it was a perfect place to practice photographing indoors. The first composition I made is almost mandatory for me when working in a church - a view down the central isle, looking towards the altar. I took advantage of the new HDR and PhotoMerge options in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to finish this image in a faction of the time it would have taken me a year ago!
Digital original, three image exposure blend
As we moved towards the end of the church, the organ pipes became the focus; I enjoyed the interplay between the pulpit and the pipes, and made this vertical image to emphasis the space around the altar. For this image I used my Canon 24mm TS-E lens; ironically, when Canon came out with the EOS 5DsR, they also release a list of recommended lenses - and this lens was not on the list, but as this image proves, the lens has no problem recording all the rich detail of the scene.
Digital original

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