July 27, 2015

A Wet Rainy Monday (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I was hoping to be out photographing today, but the constant rain and fog wrote off that plan. Instead, I moved ahead with improving my Lightroom catalogue; I spent the fall and winter replacing old scans of medium format film with new copies, photographed using a copy stand I built, a macro lens, and my Canon EOS 5D MKII. Today I took that same approach with my new Canon EOS 5DsR, and applied it to the largest format film I used, a collection of 12"x20" film images I made in 2001.
Mounting a 12"x20" negative on a frosted window
After an initial test with a diffuser proving the back light for the negative showed up issues (the copy image also recorded the fabric pattern of the diffuser material). I tried again with a sheet of vellum, which proved perfect, providing a soft, diffuse light behind the film, but not transferring a pattern behind the negative.
12"x20" film
Once all the film was copied, I imported the RAW files into Lightroom (as a negative image, above), applied an inverse curve (shifting the negative image into a positive), cropped out the rebate, applied some tonal adjustments and retouched some dust and marks on the image. The final result (below) is a 39 megapixel resolution image from the original film file.
12"x20" film

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