July 14, 2015

The IR Converted EOS 5Ds (Polly Cove, Nova Scotia)

Though I received my new Canon cameras (a Canon 5Ds and a Canon 5DsR) almost a month ago, it was only today that I finally managed to get out and work with the infrared converted EOS 5Ds with a model.

Ingrid was kind enough to come out to the coast this morning, and spend an hour working with me and the camera; because of my schedule, we ended up working in some of the worst light of the day, with hard, unrelenting sunlight falling almost directly down upon Ingird.

Fortunately, we managed to find a number of spaces the had enough curve and drop to them that there began to be some form to the figure from the falling off of the sunlight.
Digital infrared original
Long ago I discovered how rich seaweed could be in infrared, and one of my favorite images from this session was made in a small patch of seaweed near to breaking surf; a narrow ledge on the opposite side was enough to give Ingrid a space to pose in, and after paying some attention to the direction of the light, we together came up with a pose that brought the image together.
Digital infrared original, two frame stitch
One of the final photographs of the short session was also one of my favourites; made from almost directly above Ingrid, I really like the surreal quality of the light, pose and setting.

All in all, it was a good full test of the new camera, and setting aside small differences of button layout, and the obvious advantages of 2.5x more resolution, it was just another photo session - which is idea, because while the camera brings so much more to the process, in terms of the quality of the results, it didn't seem to really make much of a change to the process as a whole.
Digital infrared original

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