August 20, 2013

L_ Models aat the Coast (Prospect, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared, 2 frame shutter blend

For L_'s fourth session working with me, we headed back to the coast, to work with the rocks and ocean that have long been my love, aesthetically. The day's forecast was for nothing but sun, and we could only work together during the middle of the day (i.e. when the light is at it's worst), but knowing the location well, I expected I could work around the light, and get some images worth our mutual time and effort.
Digital infrared, 2 frame shutter blend
One of the great advantage of working in infrared is how it renders foliage and plants - including seaweed. The rockweed in this image, a dull green-brown in colour, is almost as luminous as L_'s skin, and when combined with a long shutter speed to blur the waves breaking against the shore, it creates a magical environment for L_ to post in. All told, we made a dozen or more variations on this image, experimenting with different poses.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
I really like the classic lines of this pose; coupled with the rock that almost envelopes L_, and the flow of the sky above, it all comes together into a really pleasing composition. The second last image of the session, made almost three hours after the first, provides some evidence of how little the sun changed during the session - the light was still harsh, direct, and from almost directly above.

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  1. Is it only "mad dogs and Englishmen" (and photographers) who go out in the mid-day Sun.

    I shot, what to my mind, is my best nude, at mid-day at the height of a South African Summer, on huge Granite boulders, but fortunately the light bouncing off the light grey rock was more than enough to soften the shadows, but rendering those parts of the boulder in complete shade, a deep black, giving me what looked like a black backdrop, which is what I had hoped for.

    Love this set Eric. But then all your work is magical.


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