September 30, 2013

Monique Celebrates her Pregnancy (Bedford, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared, 16 frame stitch
When Monique, who moved away from Nova Scotia years ago, got in touch to let me know she was pregnant, planning to be in Nova Scotia, and wondering if I'd have time to do a pregnancy session, I immediately replied "YES", and proceeded to clear my schedule as much as possible, to facilitate her narrow window of opportunity.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
With only an hour or so to work with, Monique and I worked quickly between a number of different settings and poses; one advantage was her previous experience working with me (we'd first worked together nine years earlier), which made the transition from walking into the space, and making our first images almost non-existent. That, coupled with the fact that I knew the location well and already had some compositions and poses in mind, made the session both fluid and productive.
Digital infrared original
I chose the location for the session for two reasons; first it is one of the closest spaces I know if, so little time was spent on transportation, and second, it contains some great settings for infrared photography. Surrounded by woods, there is plenty of light foliage to work with if desired, while if the composition focuses on the river, the dark rocks and water give some great contrast to the luminosity of bare skin.

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