August 01, 2013

A Waterfront Field Trip (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

There is no denying that part of the joy of working with infrared is the magic of now always knowing how things will turn out; I was attracted to the reflections of the morning sun off the glass in this building, but when I made the image in infrared, it looked dramatically different that when seen in colour, and shifted the whole image in a more surreal direction.
Digital infrared original
I have always had a deep and abiding love for corners, and simplicity, and in this image, I found both.
Digital infrared original
I always keep one eye on the sky, when walking around with my infrared converted camera; more than any other element, it is the sky that makes or breaks an infrared image. In this case, I saw these wispy clouds approaching, and knew that as soon as they moved above the tree, the image would begin to work (as opposed to the same composition with a dark, featureless sky).
Digital infrared original

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