August 12, 2013

L_ Poses on a Spiral Stairway (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, two frame stitch
I'd explored the photographic potential of the stairs in the Dingle tower before, but this time, was fortunate to have a model (and spotter) with me. During the earlier visit, I'd determined that there really was only one point of view that I liked, so after a lot of adjustments and careful camera placement, L_ and I could begin working.
Digital original, two frame stitch
I'd had some hopes to work with infrared on the stairs with L_, but the light levels were so low that it was impractical (only small windows light the space, which foreced the exposures to be 2.5 second long at 800 iso...for conventional light - the infrared exposures would have been more than 10x that long - impractical on a variety of levels.
Digital original, two frame stitch
As it turned out, from start to finish, L_ spent just a little over 6 minutes working with the stairs; as soon as she found a pose I felt worked, she'd freeze, and I'd make the image, and then when that was done, take another step down, and continue to explore the space.

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