August 08, 2013

A Sunset Session (Long Beach, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original

I am often asked why I am so attracted to working with infrared light, and this image is a great example of what I find so engaging. The drama in the sky is 100% rooted in infrared photography, as are the light tones of the seaweed on the rock below Liz. In colour, the image would work, but in infrared, it transcends the literal, and becomes an interpretation of the scene, as opposed to just a representation of it.
Digital infrared, two frame stitch
For a good ten minutes I worked with this basic composition, experimenting with different camera angles, and poses for Liz; what made the image different for me was I focused more on the shadows and negative space than the highlights, which is backwards from my usual approach.
Digital infrared original
One of the best parts of working close to sunset is how low and angular the light becomes; with this portrait of Liz, the low light looked wonderful on her skin, and created a beautiful graphic quality to the final portrait.

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