August 06, 2010

Tanya along the Petitcodiac

Digital original
As soon as a couple of days of photography in Fredericton were confirmed, I immediately contacted Tanya, to see if she'd have any time to work with me while I was passing through Moncton. As it turned out, she could arranged to take the day off, so we met mid-afternoon, and headed south of Moncton to work along side of the Petitcodiac River.
Digital infrared original
The light for this session was fabulous, alternating between soft cloud-filtered light, and strong, angular sunlight. Whenever the sun came out, I immediately shifted to looking for spaces where the shadows would compliment the pose, and an old wharf pier, long weathered and surrounded by grasses, provided the perfect stage for a sun-drenched pose.
Digital original
All in all, this was a great session; Tanya is always a pleasure to work with, and though our sessions are few and far between, we have never failed to make some really strong photographs. The last images of the session were of Tanya lying back on some abandoned and crumpled culvert tubes, with the late afternoon sunshine falling across torso, and just kissing the line of her cheek. A lovely final image for a great couple of hours of photography.

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