August 11, 2010

Stephanie & Miles at the Coast

Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
This session was something of an improv; Miles was in town for a visit, and had arranged to work with Stephanie on some mermaid photos (Stephanie's alter-ego is a mermaid), and I was asked if I wished to come along; once it was clear that both Stephanie and Miles were keen to do some figure photos as well, I was on board (and providing transportation).
Digital infrared original
Working right at the mouth of Halifax harbour had numerous advantages, the most pleasurable of which was the liveliness of the ocean - many of the coastal spaces I photograph in are somewhat sheltered, but here there was nothing between the rocks and the open sea, so when Miles found a space that worked for a pose surrounded by seaweed, I took full advantage of the setting, and waited for the perfect wave!
Digital infrared original
Once we finished with the first setting (and Miles was thoroughly soaked) we changed the location a little, and made some photos working with the waves sweeping around Miles; it was challenging for him to keep perfectly still, but in the dozen or so exposures I made, he was still enough in several.
Digital infrared original
At the close of the session, I made some standing portraits of Stephanie; Miles held the diffuser to soften the light on her, and the square crop (more reminiscent of film, and perhaps an affectation in the digital age) seemed perfect for the final image.

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