August 07, 2010

K_'s First Time Modeling

The primary reason for this trip to New Brunswick was to work with K_; she'd contacted me online after learning of my work from a friend, and after some back-and-forth over, we made plans to spend two days working together.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame exposure blend, three image stitch

The primary challenge (as often is the case) was my lack  of knowledge of the area around Fredericton, but with some assistance from our mutual friend, and luck, we found some outdoor spaces to start working with, and eventually created the above image - the best of our outdoor session on the first day.
Digital infrared original
Much of the afternoon was spent working indoors in the apartment of a friend of K_'s; as soon as I saw the position of the window in the shower, I asked K_ if she'd be up for posing in the shower. Minutes later, my favorite image of K_ was made, above.
Digital original
The close of the session saw straight portraits being made as K_ lay on the sheet-covered couch. The morning and afternoon sessions weren't perfect - the lack of locations was certainly impairing how much K_ and I could explore the possibilities of working together, but at the same time, so really pleasing images came out of the day, so at the very least, we've laid down a foundation.

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