August 16, 2010

Ingrid at Long Lake

Digital infrared original
Ingrid's nick-name is "the elf", and her love of posing in nature proves it is an apt one. In this case, I used my tilt-shift lens to extend the depth of field as much as I could, keeping all but the closest plants on the forest floor in sharp focus, while keeping a good balance between the top of the frame, where Ingrid is, and the bottom, with the old tree trunk and foliage.
Digital infrared original
The real joy of working with Ingrid is how well she poses; in this case, even before I'd set up the camera, she had worked herself into a pose that placed her perfectly into the scene; I'd selected the setting as the sun was reflecting off the water, and without any prompting from me, she placed herself right where the magic was happening.
Digital infrared original
The photograph above was quite the surprise to make; Ingrid had moved out of the open water to under the tree as a joke, expecting like me that it would be a horrible option with dull light and poor contrast. As it turned out however, in infrared, the contrast between Ingrid and the open lake behind her was minimal, while the water around her went dark (reflecting the tree above)...the result was quite pleasing.

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