August 13, 2010

Four Models in Wolfville

Digital original
The first images of the session were of Ingrid, posing in a corner of the pool at the bottom of the falls - the light here was magical, with the light of the sunlit trees above Ingrid reflecting in the water around her feet.
Digital infrared original

After working with Ingrid for a while, I switched to photographing Monique, whom I hadn't worked with for several years; we began working on the waterfall itself, but quickly moved off to the side, where a curved fallen tree had caught my eye. I asked Monique if she could try posing on it, and quite quickly, this image was born.
Digital infrared original, 11 image stitch

It was only close to the end of the session that Miles and Natasha modeled (Miles was photographing for the first portion of the session); it was a great pleasure working working with them again (they moved away from Halifax years ago, and I only get to see them occasionally). Almost all the images of the couple were of them together, working with the natural interplay between them.

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