July 02, 2009

Tia Models for the First Time (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Location is a great contributor to the tone of images, and my current apartment has proved to be a great space to photograph within; the large windows in the living room provide a lovely directional light, but the room is light enough to provide enough fill-light to prevent images from becoming too contrasty. With the above image, I used an extremely large aperture to ensure that only Tia's face was in sharp focus.
Digital original
After working for some time upon the flattened futon, Tia and I shifted to standing poses, with her standing against the side wall; I used a free-standing reflector to reduce the image contrast, but it ultimately was Tia's unsolicited pose which make the image stand out.
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I don’t have many images of models smiling (though my favorite to date is of Tanya), but this portrait has such a wonderful comfort and warmth to it that I immediately knew it was one of the best images of the session. It was, incidentally, the last image of our session, and Tia’s first time posing nude.

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