July 26, 2009

Stepahnie's First Session Outdoors (Polly's Cove, Nova Scotia)

Digital original
Though the main focus of this session was the be Nudes, Stephanie and I made some portraits as we moved out onto the glacial barrens; her dress worked particularly well with her pale skin, and the green foliage set off her red air perfectly.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame stitch
Stephanie and I have been working together for more than six months, but this was our first chance to work outdoors - between her schedule and the weather, it took months for all the stars to align for both of us. This was made early into the session, and has a wonderful irony - Stephanie has told me I’d have to provide her with lots of direction, as she had no experience posing outdoors - yet for this image, the pose was entirely hers, and completely spontaneous!
Digital infrared original
After making the series of images of Stephanie lying on the rock, I wanted to create some portraits, but was initially at a loss as to where to make the image; a standing portrait against the foggy surroundings didn't resonate with me. Fortunately, there was a pair of boulders that had just enough space between them for Stephanie to fit in.
Digital infrared original
I really enjoyed playing with the layers that this rocky pair presented; Stephanie's body emerging between the two boulders makes perfect use of the luminous skin tones that infrared photographs provides, while making the lichens on the stones lighter as well.

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