July 03, 2009

St. John's Anglican Church (Lunenburg, Nova Scotia)

Digital original, 8 image exposure blend
When St. John's Anglican church caught fire and burned, in 2001, I was able to get permission to photograph the ruins 11 days after the fire; the church is now reconstructed, and as beautiful as ever.
Digital original, 6 image exposure blend
While I wasn't specifically trying to copy any of the  post-fire images I'd made, I can't deny they were in my mind's eye as I worked. The building looked lovely, and while I knew it was a reconstruction, it had the feel and tone of the original, which was quite something to behold.
Digital original, 10 image exposure blend
Overall, this was a great session - I quite enjoyed working in the space, and in contrast to my older monochrome images, the colour images give a wonderful sense of the luminous qualities of the building.

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