July 30, 2009

Miranda in Cape Breton (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)

Digital infrared original
Though this trip wasn't specifically focused on photographing Miranda, we did make time for some images to me made on the second day; not being familiar with the location made finding a space to work in a little challenging, but with some effort, we found ourselves a deserted stretch of coast, and began with some portraits.
Digital infrared original, 2 frame shutter blend
As pleasing as the portraits were, the real focus of much of the shoreline session was working with the waves; there were several large rocks which per perfect for Miranda to pose upon (keeping dry) while still being in a space where to movement of the water could be capitalized upon.
Digital infrared original
I hadn’t even noticed this tombstone, but when I’d finished photographing Miranda with the larger stone, Miranda asked if I wanted to work with this one - and as soon as I saw how surrounded it was by brush, I said yes, certainly, envisioning how light the foliage would look in infrared! This is my second Nude with a tombstone (the first being made two years before with Ingrid), and I have to say, I was much more comfortable with it the second time around...there is a reverence to Miranda's pose that seems to suit the setting..

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