August 06, 2008

Three Models at the Coast

When I head out to work with models in the landscape, I constantly watch the sky, as a forecast of the weather to come. For this session, we were fortunate to have beautiful overcast skies, and a nice breeze to keep everything from becoming too hot.
Digital infrared original
As three models were along for the session, for most of it, I alternated between them, but occasionally, a space called for more than one model, in which case I was able to draft one of the other two models into the pose. I frequently work with multiple models - friends or partners, but only a couple times have I had the chance to work with sisters, which is the case with this image.
Digital infrared original, 5 frame stitch
Later into the session, we came across this wonderful crevasse in the bedrock; just perfect for a body to emerge from. In infrared, the already sculptural elements of this composition are reinforced, creating an image of an alabaster figure in a sea of granite.
Digital infrared original, 15 frame stitch
One of the last compositions of the session, this image of S_ upon a massive glacial erratic again takes full advantage of the infrared camera; set in a lush green landscape, in colour this image would look very different, with the blue sky and green foliage fighting to draw the eye away from the Nude; in infrared, the placement of the Nude between the rock and sky is accentuated by the body's luminous skin, keeping the focus on the body, not the surroundings.

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