August 13, 2008

Ingrid by the Coast (celebrating a decade of working together)

Digital original
This session marks the end of ten years of working with Ingrid; from our first session in 1998 to now, we have worked together well over 100 times, and have made some absolutely amazing images. While this session wasn't specifically a celebration of that work, it was totally awesome to realize we'd been working together for a decade as of this session.
Digital original, 2 frame shutter speed blend
Almost all this session focused on the contrast between Ingrid's form, and the raging ocean around her. I used a couple of neutral density filters to get slower shutter speeds, and emphasize the motion of the ocean around the rocks, and Ingrid's form.
Digital original
More than a dozen images of waves breaking around Ingrid were made to create this image - in almost every one, Ingrid moved because of the breaking waves...but with this one, everything came together. I love the mix of motion and stillness, like the world in general, all chaos, and silent, still beauty at once.

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