September 25, 2006

Victoria on Maugher's beach

While R_'s arrival in Nova Scotia was unexpected, Victoria's visit at the end of September was long anticipated, and while I didn't know if we'd get the chance to work together, I was very much looking forward to seeing her for the first time in over a year.
Digital infrared original, 3 frame stitch
As it turned out, Victoria did have time to head out for an afternoon, and, while it wasn't certain we'd have the chance to make some photos, I brought my camera and tripod along just in case. It turned out to be a good decision, as once we were on McNab's Island (we'd gone out sailing for the afternoon, to enjoy the early fall day), Victoria offered to pose for a while, as much to continue building the images we've worked on to date as to make new ones.
Digital infrared original, 5 frame stitch
The only model with whom I've consistently worked with longer than Victoria is Ingrid, and that is only by a matter of an extra week. The strength of our work has only increased over the years, a combination of my evolving photographic abilities, and what both Victoria and I have learned from the results of our sessions.

For a variety of reasons, this was a very brief photo session; the day was sunny and bright, but there was a cool snap in the air which would have eventually become uncomfortable. I started the session with a series of standing portraits, setting Victoria behind a screen of high dune grass with the sun behind her. With the wind blowing the grass all over the place, the successful images were more luck and happenstance than skill, but we still made several striking images.
Digital infrared original
From here we moved onto a few bodyscapes on the beach itself, backing the composition with the dune grass and dark sky (it was actually bright blue, but rendered as almost black with the infrared camera). After these, we finished off the session with another series of portraits, this time with the sun cascading across her torso, and her sun turned towards it, eyes closed. A beautiful way to end the session.

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