September 12, 2006

Ingrid & R_ on McNab's Island I

Digital original, 16 frame stitch
R_ had asked about the possibility of working with another model during her visit, and when I approached Ingrid about heading out to McNab's Island for a day, and working with R_, she immediately agreed to come along. I selected McNab's Island as a location as I hadn't been there for years and also because it provided a wealth of different locations to work in (forts, woods, sand beaches).
Digital original, 15 frame stitch
After a brisk walk up to Fort McNabs (which included the unexpected treat of seeing several deer on the way), we began working in the old World War II fort, exploring some of the underground gun shelters, and gradually moving into the above ground buildings.
Digital infrared original
There is a real advantage to working with two models during one sessions; while I work with one, the other is free to relax and just enjoy the day, and if a space calls out for two figures in it, I have the luxury of being able to realize the possibility. For most of this session, I worked with either Ingrid or R_, but quite frequently, I asked the other to come into a composition, balancing out the image, or building a photograph about the interplay of two bodies, as opposed to a single form, and the space around it.
Digital infrared original, 10 frame stitch
Both Ingrid and R_ have lots of experience modeling, and it really made a difference to the day - over and over, one model or the other would find a space they wished to work in, and by the time I arrived from working on a previous compositions, they'd have already begun to find a pose. While both models frequently had time to roam around the old fort and just enjoy their day, I always seemed to have a wealth of images to consider and create with the other model - the model to follow for a perfect day of photography!

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